Haul : Rainbow Honey’s Equestria Collection

My most recent nail polish haul (OK. Not so recent. Back logged post which I though I posted a month ago. My memory sucks as you can see D:) consist of the whole Rainbow Honey’s Equestria Collection! *Wheeee* Not all the polishes in the photo below belongs to me. I got the 15ml full set. The minis aren’t mine but they sure look sooo adorable!
The Equestria Collection is inspired by the My Little Pony cartoon from the 80s. I did watch them through the 90s when I was a little girl. I loved them but back then, being so young, I didn’t know the characters by name D:
But hey! Now I get to know them once more – through nail polish! Dee from Rainbow Honey has created a different glitter polish for the different characters. There is Princess Celestia, Princess Luna a.k.a Nightmare Moon,
And here are my babies out of the box.
I love how Dee from Rainbow Honey packs and sends her items so professionally. I am amazed from the boxes to the labels to the leaflet of the collection that came with my order!
Bottle shots after the jump! 🙂

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