Nail Mail! Sonnetarium

They have finally arrived!! I grabbed them from Michelle at their last restock. I actually stalked their Facebook and Etsy accounts until the day they opened for business.  Aren’t they gorgeous?


I was lemming for Snowfall since I saw it for the very first time on other beauty blogs! It is a clear base with white hex and small iridescent glitters.

Samurai Princess
My first B&W glitter polish. I got it purely because everyone has been raving so much about B&W polishes. *peer pressure* LOL. Samurai Princess is filled with small and medium sized hex glitters, bars and a dash of super fine round glitters!

Hong Bao
Hong Bao 红包 means red packets. I’m sure those of you that know the Chinese language knows what this stands for! In the chinese custom, elders give out red packets during the Lunar New Year to the younger generation for good luck; of course there would always be a small token (ka-ching) in the red packets!

Back to the polish: Hong Bao is a medium red-orangey jelly with black and gold hexes and some golden shimmer to boot!

Never Glow Up
It.Glows.In.The.Dark. Need I say more? LOL
Never Glow Up is a blueish green jelly with iridescent glitters in it. In Michelle’s description she says it glows blue! I can’t wait to try this out!

Polishes from Sonnetarium can be bought from theor Etsy shop HERE. Remember to follow them on Facebook as well for updates and offers.