Dress Me Up!

Ahh!! I had a really busy doing nothing weekend. I spent both Friday and Saturday night out with friends which led me to not getting my usual sleep. Getting only 4 hours of sleep, I woke at 7 in the morning on Saturday; but I was lucky it did not repeat again on sunday. I had a good 8 hour sleep in! I wanted to do a quick mani Sunday night but was too tired to do so. I actually fell asleep just after i removed my previous mani.
Today’s mani was actually done at the office during lunch! This is 2 coats of China Glaze Dress Me up topped with Essence’s Quick Dry topcoat.
Taken under the evening sun
I love the creaminess of Dress Me Up. The colour is a rich dusty rose creme. Some would find this color rather boring and granny-like but I guess it is up to ones personal preference. I think I mentioned before that this polish resembles OPI’s Barefoot in Barcelona. While it looks similar, they are actualy quite different. GC DMU is much warmer and has more red in it than OPI BiB.
Artificial lighting bleaches this color a little, making it more like BiB
The second part of this post is a review on Essence’s quick dry topcoat. This is my third time using it and it dissapoints me once again. My mani dented and got scratched badly even after a whole hour of waiting. Just look at the photos below!
Right Hand: Scratched and dented
This little line is made from a piece of tape getting stuck on my nail!
Left hand: A closer look at the big scratch on my middle finger
I have read many good reviews on this top coat but I think it just doesn’t work for me. I definitely will not throw it out but I think a SV is much needed in my emergency stash!