Should I still buy from shops like this?

This is going to be a really lengthy post. Do skip this if you aren’t in the mood to read no-so-happy stuff.

So the story goes like this:

There have been quite a few online shops popping up in Malaysia recently. They only sell major brands like OPI, Essie, China Glaze, Glitter Gal and the like. No indies whatsoever (boohoo!).

About 2 months ago, I discovered an online shop through my friends Facebook likes. They weren’t new in the business but they were in the process of shifting from a blogger based blogshop to a full fledge online shop with carts and checkouts and what not and were having some discounts. Discounts! That was all that mattered to me then. Haha! So I placed an order with them (July 4th), paid and received a order confirmation slip from them in less than 10 minutes! Boy was I impressed. At.That.Time.

2 hours later, one of the (I assume) owners sent me an email saying that they aren’t sure if one of the four polishes I wanted was still in stock. They told me that they were still new and has polishes across 2 states! She had only two of them on hand and the other two might be with her sister back at their hometown. Erm. Okay. I of course was dying to get those polishes so I asked them to double check on their stock and get back to me. She came back to me only 2 days later (July 6th) and still couldn’t find the polishes and that was it. She did not get back to me AT ALL after that!

3 days later still no news! I got frustrated and did not like the situation at all so I emailed them. Only then did they tell me they only have one of the polishes and the other was OOS and I have to choose another color to stand in the missing polish. July 10th was when the waiting game started. *sigh* This particular shop only offers one method of shipping – PosLaju a.k.a express mail. Not only did I get the tracking number late, the parcel was not sent until 2 days after the sent me the tracking number. By the time I got the tracking number the parcel was already waiting for me in my post box. Let me indulge you with their ‘awesome’ packing skills!

Yup! Thats newspaper you see there! And that flyer plastic bag is 20 x 14 inches! I’ve places a regular pocket tissue packet for size reference. I was shocked when I received the package and almost died when I opened it. Luckily they did use pocket bubble wrap. They put 2 polishes per pocket unprotected i.e. nothing to separate the glass of the polish bottles.

You would assume that I would stay clear of this shop after that horrible experience. They are running a one year anniversary sale and I spotted some Glitter Gal polishes cheap. I just can’t resist a good deal so I placed an order with them again. Guess what their first email contact to me was —- Some of the polishes you ordered are in a different state.

Day 9 and counting!