If only, if only I lived in Miami

or any other state in the US. Only so that I can have access to all the indie polishes there are as well as avoid the high shipping charges!
I’ve been eyeing some polish pots from Wonder Beauty Products since forever but I still can’t bring myself to buy them because of the shipping charges. She ships them for USD10 per item and it increases by USD8 per item! This is one of the most expensive shipping charges I have ever seen so far! And it’s not even on all the products in her shop =/ I do know, from experience, that international shipping for a small box is just 16.95USD. I know, I know, who am I to complain right?
Oh wells, I guess it’s just not my luck with these pretty polishes. I’ve link two of my favorites from the shop. You’d know what I mean when you see them. The polishes are just so yummy and pretty! *le sigh*

Of course, if you live in the US you can pop by Wonder Beauty Products on Etsy to see more of her wonderful polishes and follow her on Facebook for updates and offers!

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