From the Vault: Glitter Showdown

The contenders are:
LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails #07 and Milani Jewel FX in Teal
LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails #07 only has one kind of glitter in it – turquoise hex glitters. If you just judge it by looking at the bottle you can see that it is very densely packed. Milani Teal on the other hand has turquoise, green and silver hex glitters as well as fine turquoise glitters in it.
I swatched these polishes over my OPI My Pointe Exactly from the NYC Ballet collection. Not surprisingly the brown base of the grey polish has been cancelled out by the turquoise of the glitters. Under the glitters MPE comes off as a cool grey instead.
From L-R: #7 2 coats, Teal 2 coats, #7 1 coat, Teal 1 coat
Application of #07 wasn’t a walk in the park. It was a hit or miss thing. Sometimes it is quite hard to get the glitters on the nails but if you are lucky you can get tons of glitter with just one stroke. My ring finger applied nicely in one coat but for my index finger I had to dig around the bottle a little and dab the glitter on.
Application for Teal wasn’t too bad. As in the photos, you can see that you can get quite a bit of polish with one coat and by the time you applied the second coat you have a rather opaque coat of glitter on your nails.
After staring at the glitters on my finger for a good minute, I realised that the hex glitters in both the polishes are of the same size. The turquoise glitters do differ in colour a little; #07 is just a tad lighter than the Teal.
My conclusion is that #07 and teal are very different polishes. #07 creates a cleaner look compared to Teal due to the lack of fine glitter. But if I had to choose, I prefer Milani Teal more compared to #07 based on the application.
If you had a choice, which polish would you get?

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