From the Vault: My Pointe Exactly

My Pointe Exactly is a sheer grey jelly I got when I picked up some polishes from the OPI x NYC Ballet collection.
Although this polish is super sheer – the photos below are of 3 coats with top coat, I actually quite liked it. The consistency of this polish is wonderful and it dried fairly quickly to a shiny finish.
The colour of this polish is also quite interesting. It has a slight brownish base to it. If you wear it on it’s own, under certain lighting you would actually think it’s a light brown instead.
If you are looking to get a more opaque look with this polish, I do think is achievable with thicker coats.
How do I know you ask?
It was almost 1 am when I finally decided on which polish to use. So by the time I moved on to my right hand I was a little dozy and accidentally applied waayy too much polish on my thumb at the third coat. It took a little longer to dry but it still looked fabulous!

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