The Hungry Asian – Belle, Ozotic 607

A little sneak peek of my newest purchase from The Hungry Asian!
I used 2 coats of My Second Honeymoon from OPI for my middle, ring and pinky finger and layered 2 coats of Belle over one coat of MSH for my thumb and index finger. I love how Belle has a little pink tint to it in this little experiment of mine!
And I did the opposite for my right hand! This photo has a different light to it as it was taken at different times of the day. (My bad! Sorry!) But belle stand out even more in this shot. you can see the fine pink glitter much more here!
I had to try on the Ozotic Holographis polishes I just got in the mail from piCture pOlish! And since I was wearing pink from before I decided to just give my previous mani a little more ‘oomph’ with Ozotic 607.
Sorry there isn’t a photo under the sun. The sun has been in hiding the past few days because of the haze and dull weathere here these few weeks 😦
I used only 1 thin coat in the photo above and it has transformed my sweet little mani into something very party appropriate!
Bring on the weekend!

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