Strawberry Season is Here!

I painted my nails red the other day and decided to add an accent nail to it. Summer is here and strawberry season is just around the corner, so I thought to do a lil accent nail  the best way to add a lil something to my nails was to paint me a small strawberry while I wait for my chance to pick some actual strawberries up!
I picked OPI Big Apple Red as my base and added the strawberry on my ring finger using a white striper by Precision, OPI Green-wich Village and Gold Pedicure Sparkle from Skin Food for the seeds.
Big Apple Red is a rich creamy red polish. It applies flawlessly in 2 thin coats but if you want more depth just add a third and you’ll see how the color changes to a deeper red.
Photographing Big Apple Red wasn’t easy to do at all! My camera just wouldn’t capture the richness of the polish. I took photos of my hand against a white back ground and almost all of it came out way too dark in the photos. How dissapointed I was. I even tried taking the photos with natural light, yellow light and even took some in my bathroom! In the end, I took the best shot when I had given up. The shot on top was the first shot I took on a black backgraound and the colour is almost as it is in real life.
Up close on my little strawberry accent finger. This shot was the total opposite and produces a more yellow tinge to the nails.
More shots in differernt lighting after the jump!

This is one of the earlier shots which showed the polished to be a few shades darker than it is.
Direct sunlight over black
Direct sunlight
Indirect sunlight over white
Seche Plus Base Coat, Seche Vite Dry Past Top Coat, OPI Big Apple Red, Precision Striper in White, OPI Green-wich Village, Pedicure Sparkle in Gold
I used Sierra filter (again I know) on instagram to add a vintage touch to it.

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