Election Day

Election Day is one of the four polishes that I got from Paris Sparkles. I have always been eyeing this polish since I first discovered indie nail polishes on Etsy. I love the subtle glitter in a creamy base.
Election day has blue and pink hex glitters, a dash of green hex glitters as well as fine blue and holo glitter in the mix. The formula for this polish was a little on the thick side, and the glitters all sank to the bottom of the bottle when I took it out. I don’t blame it though. It was afterall in transit for more than 2 weeks before I got it. It took about 30minutes of standing it upside down and some rolling to get the glitter off the bottom.
Application was rather tricky. The white base was really opaque but it was tricky as well. I tried doing 2 thin coats at first but all the glitter kept getting covered by the cream base. So in the end, out of frustration, I just applied ONE THICK COAT. And that was the key really! As long as my brush had glitter particles on it, it would show up nicely on my fingernails! How lucky of me to find this out šŸ˜€
Paris Spaekles nail polishes can be found in her Etsy shop. Also, you can follow Stacey on Facebook to get updates and flash sales in her shop!

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