Sea Creature

I finally found some me time today! Aside from doing a bunch of chores, I finally could sit down to do a swatch and review of Sea Creature which I got from Kae from the Hungry Asian.
At first glance Sea Creature leans more to a darker shade of teal, almost black. I wanted to bring out the hidden blue tones in it so I decided to pair it with a nice bright blue polish – OPI No Room For The Blues – as the base.

I swatched Sea Creature in increasing layers across my fingers to see how it would build up and it seems it does that quite well. But I did have to wait a minute or so between the layers to avoid too much tugging and sliding.

From L-R: 1 coat, 2 coats, 3 coats, 4 coats
The first coat of Sea Creature already sees a rather high glitter density and by the second coat I would say that the nail is almost 70% covered. At 3 coats, Sea Creature is almost opaque with only bits of the base colour peeking through. And by the time the fourth coat it actually looks exactly like how it is in the bottle.
I added 2 coats of top coat and wore this out for dinner, passing it as a ombre mani.
I managed to get a shot with the evening sun!

Looking back on the photos as I post them, I think Sea Creature may look better on darker polishes. Or at least you could get a good dark color with 3 coats instead of 4 like I did here.

The Hungry Asian Polishes can be found on Etsy. Do follow her blog and her Facebook page for more updates!

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