More Nail Mail!

Remember about the giveaway at The Hungry Asian I wrote about here? Well I was too eager to get my hands on those lovelies I placed an order with Kae through her etsy shop.

After 2 weeks of waiting and checking, it finally arrived in the mail! I was kind of a surprised actually. Kae did give me a tracking number but the USPS tracking number only worked when the parcel was still within the US. Once it left LA, I was left clueless.

I actually got this parcel when I was collecting letters from my mailbox in the office. Looking at the little hill of papers in the mailbox I thought – My gosh! How many letters do I have to sort through today! Little did I know that this was sitting underneath the mail!


I was surprised to see such a big box as I only ordered some minis from her.


The polishes were nicely wrapped in a tissue paper parcel and nicely tucked in a bed of more tissue paper! The little package was a shade of blue that was so familiar. I did a mani with a similar color not too long ago. Can you guess which?


Kae even included a little thank you note under the package!

These are my newest additions to my stash:


From L-R: Sea Creature, Twenty Ten, Mumbling, I Hate Pink


I don’t want to swamp you with too many photos. So, individual bottle shots after the jump!


In the bottle, Sea Creature looks kinda tel to me. It has a dark base and is full of bright blue hexagon glitter, black glitter and some superfine green and fuchsia glitter. Look at how lovely Tewnty Ten and Mumbling looks in the background!


Twenty Ten is packed with small red and blue glitter as well and some bigger bleu hexagonal glitter suspended in a black base. I am most excited by this polish! I love the mix of blue and red in it!


Mumbling is a silver holo-ish glitterbomb. It reminds me of OPI Crown Me Already. You can see hologrphic hexagonal glitter of all sizes in it!


A blurred shot to show off it’s awesome glitters~


I Hate Pink has a clear base and is loaded with pink and reddish glitters.


A judging from this blurred pic, it might have some holographic glitter in it!

I can’t try to try them all out! I need to make them work friendly though. Any suggestions?

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