Flakie Spam!

As you know from my last post, I received some flakies polish from Llarowe that day. And me being me, I couldn’t resist them and HAD to try them on immediately.
The two polishes I got was Ludurana 3-D Flake Flash and HITS Jazz Flake which is no longer available on Llarowe at the time I was writing this post. 😦

HITS Jazz Flake has flakies that shift from green to a nice teal in the sunlight. I am in love with the colour and the application was great. I only used one coat of HJZ and as you can see. the whole nail is covered already! You have to be careful though, the polish seems a bit thick for a brand new bottle.

Next up is Ludurana 3-D Flake Flash. Compared to HITZ Jazz Flake, it had much less flakes per stroke. These are actually 3 coats of it in the photos. I think that it might be because of the suspension base being a little watery. I am tempted to leave the cap off for a few minutes to ‘dehydrate’ it a little but I am worried that it would end up too goopy and cant be used anymore. The color of L3DFF is much more dynamic than HJZ. There are red, green, yellow and even a little hint of blue in them when the light hits them.

My fingers are painted HITZ, Ludurana, HITZ, Ludurana in the photos.
Direct Sunlight

Artificial Lighting
Blurred shot

This is my favorite shot of the polishes which I took when I was on the way home from work!
This is the only shot that shows off the red/orange flash in the Ludurana polish.
And last but not least – a photo taken with the Sierra filter on Instagrm, This photo actually shows off the flakies the best!
OPI Black Onyx has a very good formula. The first coat was a little streaky but it evened out nicely with the second coat. I usually shy away from dark colours but I love how Black Onyx turned out. Its a very nice and warm color.
Black Onyx, 2 coats; pre-cleanup
Polishes used in this manicure: OPI Black Onyx, Ludurana 3-D Flake Flash, HITS Jazz Flake

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